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I never know what to say about this question. I love and care about people. I care about this world we find ourselves in at this moment. I want to make a difference in this world, and not for glorification for me or profit. I want nothing but the Truth of our entirety to be known by all, including myself, of what I do not know yet. I can not stop talking about what IS and HAS been going on in this world since the beginning. The Pedophilia and worshiping of Satan or Luciferians, whichever you choose, its all the same. I've basically alienated myself from my kids, my sister and nephew and mother, because they are tired of hearing me talk about it. I ask "HOW CAN U NOT?" This cuts me to my core being! I have to talk about it, I feel like none of them are hearing me or believing that what I'm telling them is true. For the record, let me just say, I'm a very bluntly honest person! I don't care if I offend someone or hurt their feelings I'm going to be that honest because thats how I want to be treated. All my family know this about me, they say I'm mean, I say No I'm just honest. So that bothers me that none of them seem to feel passionately about whats going on as I Am! I think about what these kids are going through and it hurts me so deeply that there are no words to accurately explain the way I feel about it...I have 2 children 1 is 21 the other 12, I think about them. I've always told my children about the evils in this world and that you cant trust really anybody. I'm straight forward with my kids. I've raised and am raising them in hopes they'll be: Honest no matter what, compassionate, discerning, think for themselves, question everything, be outside the box, A Leader, to work for what they want, and at the same time that Money is not everything, not to worry or dwell on what other people think about them or say. I'm sure you guys are getting my point. I hope this explains who I am. I probably could think of more, but I've rambled enough.


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