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Language Study

How can I divide my language study time?

I study French at school.Portuguese by myself. Also Italian now. I already know Castilian.

How can I make the most of my time in Japan for language study?

I will be studying and do my homework for free at a university for a year in Japan, starting September. I have been studying Japanese for two semesters now at my home university in the United States, and I am taking this study abroad trip to improve my Japanese language skills.I know Hiragana and Katakana perfectly, and I have been just recently learning some Kanji. My question mostly to other students who have studied in Japan is what are some of the best ways to utilize and make the most of my time in Japan, so that I can improve my Japanese skills very effectively? .. Besides going to class and talking to Japanese people. Ha. Any ideas suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Do you know an on line language study cram school?

You can learn English Spanish Latvian Chinese Japanese German Russian French Korean Furthermore, there is the chance that gets an American dollar revenue while learning it. https

Which is the best language study guide for Farsi/modern Persian?

Hi. Am looking for homework answers website to learn Farsi modern Persian. I know there are lots of series to choose from Teach Yourself, Hugo etc. Just wondering if anyone can make a good recommendation based on personal experience?I should mention that I am an absolute beginner and speak no other related languages. Also, I have a very strong preference for grammar focused learning, as opposed to the more 'jump right in to conversation' approach.Am leaning towards the 'Teach Yourself' series, simply because it's so well established. But if someone has had an amazing experience with another series, well...Thanks for any responses.Omar

For native and non-English language study?

when two Spanish TV or talk on the street you understand something of what they say?I answered those not studied the Spanish language an

Where can I find a basic German language study guide?

I'm looking for a table or figure that shows the different tenses and the effect of gender on words, etc.

Help with Chinese language studying?

I just took a test for my course in Chinese and totally bombed the section on measure words. Are there any good ways to remember these words? Or is it just memory and practice?Words like I keep getting confused on which ones to use where. If I have my book in front of me, I can simply check my vocabulary lists, but when I try to create a thought from memory, I get lost and frequently use the wrong word.

Italian language study website?

I want to learn Italian. Do you know good website?

General language studying advice?

I am starting a new and bigger section of the German course from studydaddy where most of it is self studied.Do people have any general advice when it comes to languages, and succeeding?

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