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Watching a gang of street kids jostling clambering and laughing up scaffolding on a temple

The secret to all happiness that is real in my mind

Is the beauty of honest interaction and truth in a smile

Not possessions and the grasping want and need for more

This is so obvious to me that the emotion of want has to scream to be heard

Then I realise my ego and arrogance are in the house of my head

So I throw them out and apologise for the dum words I might have said

The brilliant sound of truth can always be heard singing in the air

I love the life that following this melody beat in my heart creates

When we find and walk to this tune the journey of life is paradise found

The above piece I wrote yesterday as I sat and comremplated Truth

I spent October walking in solitude across the himalayas, and my realisation is this simple and obvious truth.

What we all know ever inst@nce we are alive

Truth and lies are never the same know matter what one says

Points of view are just words of quibbling

They do not confuse or hide the truth in anyway


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