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Hello, my name is Liisa Bug🐞, I am a Passionate American 🦅 Patriot. Awake (decades before it was cool) with eyes wide open to the world in which I live. Knowing it is not the world God intended for me or for you. Doing what I feel I must to awaken, inform, and lead others to know there is an alturnitive, that we do have the power to fight against the evil👿. To be a soldier of God we must first be aware of who is the enemy. I have been alone in my thought for so long and my heart is bursting with all who have seen the light thanks to President Trump/Q, and their ever growing support of The Great Awakening Warriors and beautiful God and humanity loving 💖 people like Mike Smith and Brad Martin. My only wish is that I had more power, impact and money to donate to the success of saving the world from the evil that desire to destroy her. But I will continue to do what I can and never give in. God bless all of us who work towards that goal no matter how small or large the impact seems to be. Together we are powerful. Where we go one we go all! God wins! 🌟

Liisa Bug Root

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